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Labor Day Weekend Rounds out Clean Beach Coalition Summer Campaign!

The San Diego Clean Beach Coalition, a project of I Love A Clean San Diego,, and the City of San Diego Parks & Recreation Department has been busy this summer working to keep our most popular beaches free of trash!

Remember when this used to be a common sight on local beaches?
Remember when this used to be a common sight on local beaches?

The Coalition’s efforts have results in the placement of more than 200 temporary trash and recycling bins, which were purchased to handle the influx of trash and recyclables that accompany the large crowds over summer holiday weekends.  This much needed infrastructure prevents litter, overflowing trash cans, and lack of recycling opportunities available at local beaches.

This year, thanks to our generous sponsors, we were able to expand the program into a third holiday weekend, and placed the bins at Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Mission Bay, and Pacific Beach over Memorial Day weekend.  These bins were placed conveniently on the sand, giving thousands of beachgoers the opportunity to make the responsible choice when disposing of trash at the beach.  A total of more than 23,000 pounds of trash and 2,000 pounds of recycling were properly disposed of in these bins over Memorial Day weekend, as well as an additional 250,920 pounds over Fourth of July weekend.

Look for these bins on local beaches over Labor Day weekend!

The last hurrah of the 2013 summer season is Labor Day weekend, and the Clean Beach Coalition is poised to finish the summer on a high note. I Love A Clean San Diego, and the City of San Diego Parks & Recreation Department will again disseminate more than 50 trash and recycle bins along the beach. Large pollution prevention banners will also be placed at main lifeguard stations as well as sponsoring restaurants & bars in Pacific Beach.

In addition to infrastructure, the Clean Beach Coalition aimed to prevent litter by creating and disseminating educational messaging reminding San Diegans about litter prevention techniques to incorporate into their weekend and their daily lives. These efforts prevented tons of trash from polluting our beaches and threatening ocean health, but also helped to educate thousands of beachgoers!

The Clean Beach Coalition reminds you to enjoy the scene, but keep it clean. Dispose of all trash and recycling in the temporary receptacles on the sand!

These signs will provide a helpful reminder to beachgoers this Labor Day weekend!
These signs will provide a helpful reminder to beachgoers this Labor Day weekend!


  1. Any way this initiative can take place for Fourth of July? It was horrible at mission bay the week after the holiday. Well actually that area has been trashed after every weekend this summer.

    I have a contact at a company called g2 revolution who makes containers and provide boutique recycling needs for all types of companies – they may be willing to workout options for large events and long-term clean ups during the summer months.

    Please let me know how I can help or volunteer.

    Thanks Alicia

  2. Hi Alicia! Thanks for the feedback. We actually do also have the bins out for Fourth of July (as well as Memorial Day) in addition to Labor Day, including Mission Bay. Sorry to hear there was still trash! Sometimes the bins fill up, and others people still don’t put their trash in them. But ILACSD also frequently does beach cleanups following the major holidays to clean whatever trash is left. If you’re interested in volunteering, we would of course love to see you! On Sept 21 we have Coastal Cleanup Day, our largest cleanup of the year. We also have regular cleanups throughout the year. You can learn more and sign up at We will also look into your recycling contact, any help is always appreciated!

    Thanks again-

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