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We Talk Trash- Sign Your School Up for an ILACSD Education Presentation!

Today’s blog post comes from our Education Coordinator, Erika Bjorkquist.  Erika, whose pencils have been sharpened for weeks, is super excited for school to start and to begin education presentations for a new batch of kids!Erika-team

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Sharpen your pencils, gather your books, it’s back to school time! This year, as you prepare your lessons, consider incorporating a presentation from I Love A Clean San Diego. Our local, environmental nonprofit has been around for almost 60 years! With that kind of history, we have vast knowledge of San Diego and its local environment, so we know the issues important to the community.

San Diego is known for beautiful weather and breathtaking beaches. Unfortunately, along with sea shells and sand crabs, litter is ‘litter’ally harming our environment. Trash makes its way through rivers, creeks, storm drains, to beaches and ultimately, to the ocean. Once in the ocean, little can be done to reverse the detrimental effects of trash. But…there is something you can do! ILACSD is up for the task to help our beaches and water ways through our education programs and cleanups.  In our presentations, we talk trash, introducing students to the harms of pollution in the environment, and then we provide easy, everyday actions students can take to combat pollution in our watershed and provide dates in which students can get involved.

Letter from a student at Dingeman Elementary
Letter from a student at Dingeman Elementary

What is great about our education programs is that:

  1. We deliver programs county wide. Whether your school is in San Diego, Jacumba, Fallbrook, Oceanside, or Julian, we have a presentation for you!
  2. Every presentation is standards-based and interactive.
  3. We incorporate visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning in classroom presentations.
  4. We emphasize community service as a way to help make a difference and provide dates and locations where students can receive community service hours.
  5. Best of all, these programs are fun and engaging!

Our presentations cater to the grade level of the audience, and best of all, the majority of our presentations are FREE! Certain restrictions apply, so please call for details. For more information, please contact the education department at 619-291-0103 or You can also learn more on our education website.

Know what would make this student happy? A fun education presentation from ILACSD!
Know what would make this student happy? A fun education presentation from ILACSD!