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Education for Businesses

Corporate Lunch & Learns

I Love A Clean San Diego’s Lunch & Learn presentations are designed to inform employees about environmental topics and provide resources plus actionable strategies that inspire change. Whether your organization has a robust sustainability program or is new to its zero-waste journey, we have you covered!

It is important now more than ever to keep teams inspired and give meaning to team building programs. Our interactive and informative presentations focus on topics related to zero waste, and are designed for employees and businesses at every level of their zero waste journey. Our Lunch & Learn presentations are designed for businesses who are looking to advance their environmental consciousness and responsibility.

After ILACSD’s Lunch & Learn presentations, you and your team will leave with a true understanding of:

  • The importance of environmental issues
  • Zero waste and sustainable practices
  • How to implement new changes

Presentations are one hour long, and can be hosted virtually or inperson. Presentation topics include:

  • Recycle Right – Learn how to recycle properly, and decrease the amount of waste in your work and personal life.
  • Zero Waste in the Workplace – Share case studies on workplace sustainability initiatives and provide solutions to challenges such as economic impacts and employee engagement.
  • More topics coming soon…

Please fill out the inquiry form if you are interested in a Lunch & Learn. If you have any questions, contact us at We will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss our presentation offerings in more detail and decide which will benefit your team the most. We look forward to hearing from you!

Why ILACSD’s Corporate Lunch & Learns?


Cultivate team unity by engaging employees in interactive, environmental activities while making a positive impact on the community.

Social Responsibility

Embrace corporate social responsibility by contributing to a cleaner, healthier, happier San Diego community.

Environmental Education

Learn about sustainability, recycling, and conservation, empowering your team to make informed choices inside and outside the workplace.

Inspiring Change

Attendees leave our sessions motivated to incorporate sustainable practices into their personal and professional lives.

Get Started Today

We are eager and excited to work with companies in San Diego County dedicated to contributing positively to our environment. Developing awareness and promoting sustainable practices can have a lasting impact on employees and the environment.

Please fill out the inquiry form if you are interested in a Lunch & Learn. If you have any questions, contact

I Love A Clean San Diego also offers Corporate CleanBuilding events, which provide customizable and educational cleanup activities for impact-minded businesses, hosted entirely by I Love A Clean San Diego. Your team will work together to beautify a local outdoor space of your choice like a nearby beach, park, or canyon in any part of San Diego County! Click HERE to learn more about Corporate CleanBuilding Events.

As San Diego County’s most influential advocate for sustainability, I Love A Clean San Diego has 70 years of experience. We have always been dedicated to leading and inspiring action to empower our community to improve the health and beauty of our local environment. Each year, our team coordinates over 25,000 volunteers who remove half a million pounds of litter and debris from San Diego’s neighborhoods, creeks and coastline.