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Environmental Education

Environmental Education

ILACSD provides environmental education for residents, students, and businesses. Inspiring change through individual action, we invite everyone to join the effort in sustaining, preserving, and appreciating the natural world around us.

Kids Ocean Day

Kids Ocean Day is a celebration of kids taking action. This event connects thousands of students across California to the ocean and inspires the next generation of environmental activists through education and hands-on experiences! 

Sustainable Solutions Fair

Our Sustainable Solutions Fair is a sustainability celebration! This family-friendly event offers hands-on environmental activities for all ages, connects the public to sustainable businesses and organizations, and awakens environmental passion with a panel discussion featuring local environmental leaders. Click below to learn more about The Sustainable Solutions Fair!

Think Blue Brigade

The Think Blue Brigade (TBB) program is a year-long initiative, funded by the City of San Diego’s Think Blue Stormwater Division and hosted by I Love A Clean San Diego. Its primary objective is to collaborate with existing environmental and service-oriented school clubs throughout San Diego, offering students engaging educational experiences, exciting activities, and volunteer opportunities. The program aims to increase awareness about various pollution issues, particularly related to stormwater, explore potential career paths in environmental fields, and emphasize the importance of preserving San Diego’s natural spaces.

Landfill Tours

City of San Diego Residents – find out what happens after the waste truck empties your bins! People have been burying waste throughout our existence, but have you ever wondered where your waste goes after throwing it into the bin? This one and a half hour (1.5) bus tour will give you a behind-the-scenes look at what really happens when you dispose of waste. The guides will also clear up the myth of throwing something “away”. Click below to learn more about the Miramar Landfill Tours!

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We offer youth and adult presentations!

Workshops & Webinars

We provide free educational workshops and webinars!

Education for Businesses

We offer private Lunch & Learn sessions!