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Litter & Recycling

I Love A Clean San Diego empowers residents, students, and businesses to preserve the health of our environment through recycling resources. is an online database that lets you search where to Donate, Repair, and Recycle your items, and divert waste from the landfill.  Whether you have a couch to donate, a shirt to repair, or batteries to recycle, is your one-stop searchable database for information in San Diego County. Access thousands of recycling, donation, and repair centers across San Diego County through our free database or by calling our hotline.

School Recycling Program

ILACSD helps to incorporate traditional and organic waste recycling practices at schools.Through the program, students and staff recycle materials like cartons, cardboard & paper, bottles and containers. They separate extra food scraps and napkins, and that material gets taken to a local industrial facility and made into compost or digestate. Extra food that can still be eaten is put on a share table for other students to eat. Through this process, schools have seen a 90- 96% reduction in landfilled waste, which saves schools money on hauling fees, saves space in our landfills, and encourages and eco-friendly mindset, independence, and initiative in students. 

Clean Beach Coalition

Through our Clean Beach Coalition program, I Love A Clean San Diego has prevented 3.5 million pounds of trash from ending up in the ocean over the last decade. On the busiest holiday weekends of the year, our beaches are flooded with people- San Diegans and vacationers alike. With so many people, there is a lot of waste produced. Our Clean Beach Coalition program provides extra trash and recycling capacity along San Diego’s most popular beaches. Our extra bins serve as an alternative to overflowing trash bins that would otherwise eventually wash into the ocean.

Oil Programs

Did you know that recycling all the filters sold annually in the United States would result in the recovery of about 160,000 tons of steel, or enough steel to make 16 new stadiums the size of Atlanta’s Turner Stadium?  Oil Filter Exchange Events are designed to encourage residents to recycle their used oil filters by offering them a new filter for free in exchange for bringing in their old filter to recycle. These events are typically held in partnership with an auto parts store which have recycling tanks or drums inside their stores for the public to recycle their filters.  Attendees can bring in their used oil filter and receive a voucher for a free one.

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