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Corporate CleanBuilding

Corporate CleanBuilding

A Private Team Building Event For The Environment!

I Love A Clean San Diego County hosts turnkey, private, impact-driven team building cleanup activities for businesses of all sizes.

Our Corporate CleanBuilding program provides customizable and educational cleanup activities for impact-minded businesses hosted entirely by I Love A Clean San Diego. Your team will work together to beautify a local outdoor space of your choice like a nearby beach, park, or canyon in any part of San Diego County! 

Explore our Discount Bundles for Corporate CleanBuilding combined with a Lunch and Learn session! Enhance your cleanup event with our educational presentations focused on sustainability topics. For just $500 with our bundling discount, this program can be delivered in person or virtually at your preferred date and time. We suggest scheduling the Lunch and Learn within a week or two of your cleanup event for optimal learning impact. 

Teambuilding cleanup events start at $2,500 

Teambuilding cleanup + Lunch & Learn start at $3,000

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Please note: Payments methods accepted are check and credit card ONLY. Payments through portals are not accepted.

What Does The Program Include?

Our Community Programs Team will plan all event details for you and your team to simply enjoy the experience. I Love A Clean San Diego will provide…

Rewarding teambuilding experience

I Love A Clean San Diego will lead several games related to litter to help build comraderie while educating on the impacts of pollution and product recyclability.

Logistical coordination

Your company identifies a date and time that works best for your team. I Love A Clean San Diego will then handle all the permitting, bring and set up all the supplies, and lead the cleanup on the day with an educational and safety talk. At the end staff will handle all the trash collected.

Quantifiable results

I Love A Clean San Diego will weigh all the collected debris so employees can get a true understanding of the weight of their impact.


If you have any questions, contact our Volunteer Programs Team by phone at 619-704-2774 or email at or 


Discover how small actions can make a big impact on the environment! Learn about the importance of recycling, different types of recyclable materials, and how to properly sort recyclables at home.

Organic Waste Recycling
Dive into the world of organic waste recycling and learn how to turn kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich compost! Learn about Senate Bill 1383 (SB 1383), the California state law aimed at reducing emissions of methane and other greenhouse gases from organic waste, and what this means for you!
Watershed Health
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Recycle Relay Race

Compete to sort recyclables, HHW, trash, and compost into designated bins in a thrilling relay. Our expert staff ensures accuracy, while the fastest and most precise team wins in just 20 minutes of high-energy fun!

ILACSD Jeopardy
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Name Duel

Test your memory and reflexes with Name Duel, the exciting game where you quickly recall coworkers' names under pressure!

‘Going to the Landfill’
Test your memory and teamwork with "Going to the Landfill," where players recall coworkers' names and items destined for the landfill, recycling center, or compost facility in a fun, interactive circle game.

Why Spend Time Cleaning Up?

By 2050 the world’s oceans will hold more weight in plastic pollution than fish. Trash that does not make its way to landfills ends up traveling through our storm drain systems unfiltered and flows directly into the Pacific Ocean. No matter where volunteers choose to clean up litter, they will prevent pollution in San Diego County’s eleven watersheds and support a healthy ecosystem.

Your team will gain knowledge about the necessity of being environmental stewards and get the chance to put this idea into practice together. The litter that your company recovers during your event makes an immediate positive environmental impact.