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What does Spring mean to you?

christinaToday’s post comes from ILACSD’s Marketing Intern, Christina Etchebarren!

california-poppiesSpring is in the air, and this week it’s finally here! This season brings  extended daylight, rising temperatures, and the rebirth of flora and  fauna. The word equinox comes from the Latin words meaning “equal  night”, the name explains the time of the year when the day and  night are of equal length.  The vernal equinox signals the  commencement of the Earth’s rejuvenation in the Northern Hemisphere.

Spring is the time when hibernating bears, hedgehogs and bumblebees  emerge from their hiding places to stretch their sleepy legs. The days  are a flutter with renewed signs of life everywhere you turn and the  spirit of starting anew begins to take hold. Spring has been  celebrated throughout human history as a time of organic and spiritual  rebirth following the “dying of the year” in winter.

Spring cleaning may hold different meanings to different folks, to  some it may mean clearing out stale energy from their lives, and to others it may quite literally mean cleaning out their cluttered  garage. Deep cleaning around the house can sometimes pose a daunting  challenge, I remember when my mom started mentioning our spring  cleaning day I would immediately start think of reasonable excuses to  duck out.

spring cleaningMaybe you’re an annual spring cleaner, and your accumulation of junk isn’t as daunting, but maybe you have put it off a few years, in that case spring cleaning this year may mean many hours of hard labor.

We at ILACSD know that it’s sometimes hard to distinguish between stuff that needs to be thrown away and things that can be recycled when it all looks like a huge heap in front of you. has been recently revamped in order to make recycling difficult items a whole lot easier. Whether you don’t know how to properly dispose of toxic materials, or simply need to know where the closest place to drop off your leftover paint, motor oil etc. the website will help you take your unwanted materials where they need to go.

As we step in to spring time, embrace the warm fresh air and try to give ourselves a fresh clean slate, keep in mind improper disposal of many household items can have devastating effects on the environment. As a part of our ongoing effort to keep San Diego clean, beautiful & healthy, we want you to keep on hand to help you through this years’ spring cleaning, and all of your future.

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