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We’ve got tips to save cash and the environment this winter!

Today’s blog post comes from our expert hotline team. Questions about what you can recycle, reuse, or repair, and how? Contact them at 1-877-R-1-EARTH to get your answers, or visit and anytime!

We hope you have had a chance to use our newest resource,, which will allow you to search for locations to repair items that you may have originally thought to toss in the trash. Repair of your old items will keep valuable resources out of our landfills, and maybe even help save some of your hard earned money!


Winter has arrived and there may be some things in your household that are now in need of repair and I Love A Clean San Diego is here to help.

With cooler morning and night time temperatures around San Diego County, you may want to turn on that old wall heater in your home to keep it comfortable.  If it’s no longer keeping your living space warm and toasty, use our repair database to locate a company that can get your wall heater all fixed up.  window

Much needed rain is (hopefully!) coming to San Diego early in the year, so make sure your windows and screens are in good shape.  Leaking windows can cause water damage to your home, which can cause an even bigger headache to deal with. Use to locate a company that can fix any windows you have that are in need to repair. 

Are you ready for the Super Bowl? Unfortunately our San Diego Chargers won’t be there, but you still have to watch right? If your television is on the fritz, try to repair it before replacing it, use to find a shop that can help you get your television back in working order.


Ski and snowboard season is upon us, if your skis and snowboards aren’t in the same shape they were when you put them away last year, log on to to find a location that get them ready to hit the slopes.