6 Ways to Be a Responsible Boater

Today’s blog post comes from our invaluable boating aficionado and Administrative Assistant, Brittany Fischer!

“Salt in the air, sand in my hair”, that defines my summer in San Diego! What better way is there than spending your time by the beaches and bays? One of my favorite things to do during the warm weathered months is going boating! The mist of salt water and the adrenaline from the boat speed is always bound to be a good time. Boating is a great recreational activity but it’s important to remember that boating can pollute our waters. So here are a few tips on how to be a responsible boater this summer:

Toes to the nose
Toes to the nose

1.       Remember to be green!

Something as simple as bringing a reusable water bottle can make a difference! Why? Empty plastic bottles can easily and accidentally fly out and end up in the water. This goes for all trash. Make sure to keep your trash sealed away!

 2.       Plan out your boat route!

Whether you’re on Mission Bay or the ocean, try just anchoring your boat for a few hours, not only is it saving your fuel, it’s less pollution that goes into the water. Also, make sure to watch out for shallow areas to avoid getting stuck but also avoiding damage to habitats.

Keeping the bay beautiful
Keeping the bay beautiful

 3.       Avoid fuel spills!

When filling your tank, fill slowly and leave 10% empty. The fuel will expand as it warms up. When boaters do this properly, animal lives are saved!

 4.       Say no to hitchhikers!

Once on land, drain the water out of every part of the boat and engine. This avoids the spread of invasive species. After boating ANYWHERE, always clean your boat DRY before going into water again.

5.       Switch up your “after boating” cleaning supplies!

No boat owner likes a dirty boat but try using eco-friendly cleaning supplies! It gets the job done and it is not harsh on the environment.

6.       Make sure to recycle your boat waste properly!

Boat oil, paint, batteries, and cleaning products need to be disposed of properly! Not sure exactly where? Try ILACSD’s hotline! 1-877-R-1-Earth or visit www.WasteFreeSD.org