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4 Ways to Add Fun to Your Next Cleanup!

Today’s blog comes one of our interns, Christian! Christian spent his summer with us learning about the ins and outs of an environmental non-profit. For this blog, we asked Christian to take a quick stroll through Liberty Station where our office is located. You’ll be surprised by what he discovered along the way.

During my fifteen minute walk around Liberty Station, I found 3 plastic spoons, 24 cigarette butts, 4 plastic wrappers, and a plastic bowl still filled with ice cream.  If I found this on a short fifteen minute walk, imagine what you could find in your neighborhood.

It may seem tedious to pick up litter, but who says that it has to be boring?

Here are 4 ways you can add an element of fun to your next cleanup!

Mary Poppins“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and – SNAP! – the job’s a game!”- Mary Poppins

Make a game – Add a basketball hoop to trashcan. Shoot for that three-pointer and remember to always get the rebound!  This is a great way to encourage kids to throw away trash for the fun of it, too.

Trash-ure Hunt – Make a treasure hunt for you or a group of people where they have to find like: 5 candy wrappers, 5 plastic items (such as water bottles or bags), 10 cans or glasses, 1 spoon and fork, a plastic plate to go with it, etc.

treatGive yourself a reward – For every piece of trash you throw away, give yourself 5 points and once you reach 100 points you can treat yourself!  This would be a great way to motivate you to throw away your trash as well as litter.

Trash Bucket Challenge – Looking for an alternative to the ALS ice bucket challenge? Grab a reusable bucket and participate in the Trash Bucket Challenge! Take 15 – 20 minutes and once you’ve filled your bucket, take it to a local trash or recycling bin – it’s that easy! Don’t forget to nominate your friends to do that same.

If you don’t have a bucket or reusable container, you can use a bag.


ILACSD is hosting a countywide trash bucket challenge on September 20th! Sign up for the 30th annual Coastal Cleanup Day here and remember to pledge to BYO reusables: bucket, work gloves and water bottle!

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