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DIY Cleanups Are Here!

Today’s post comes from ILACSD’s Community Events Coordinator, Lexi Ambrogi!

Have you ever found yourself at a park or beach and felt helpless in the battle against litter? Well, thanks to a new program from I Love A Clean San Diego, you can take action by grabbing a trash bag and glove from our new Do-It-Yourself cleanup receptacles!

This exciting pilot effort, an extension of our popular Adopt-A-Beach program, is the first of its kind in California. This week, ILACSD unveiled its custom-designed DIY cleanup receptacles, which are silver cylinders stocked with trash bags and gloves so that community members can clean up litter right when they see it. There are 3 receptacles in Mission Bay—at De Anza Cove, Playa Pacifica, and Crown Point Shores—and we hope to get more into the community soon. Special thanks to the California Coastal Commission for providing the funding to get this project off the ground!

Our friends at the San Diego Park and Recreation Department helped us to install these receptacles at popular barbecue and recreation gazebos. We often hear from volunteers who say they try to pick up after others while out in the community. This DIY program will make it easy and convenient for anyone to make a difference in preventing harmful litter from making its way to the Pacific Ocean.

We hope to see some of you taking action in Mission Bay soon!


  1. This is an excellent idea, but how about cleanups in areas other than the beach or bay? Downtown could use a little love-East Village streets are a mess. I guess the City has limited programs for trash removal. Is there anything private citizens can do?

  2. Hi Susanne! We completely agree that many other inland areas could use some DIY love too, this is a pilot program that we hope to be able to expand in the future once we see how effective and useful it really is. Outside of taking initiative and cleaning up trash on their own, we always encourage residents to let us know about areas that have a bad litter or illegal dumping problem so that we can try to incorporate them into our countywide cleanup events.

  3. How about Sweetwater Park Preserve on Bonita Road in Bonita. The trash is accumulating in this area at a rapid rate. As a private citizen I don’t mind doing the cleanup but I don’t even know where to park my car on Bonita Road so I can start? Can this be incorporated into one of the areas for cleanup?

  4. Thank you for letting us know! It sounds like you’ve already connected with our Community Programs Coordinator, Moriah to get the ball rolling. Let us know if there is anything else we can help with.

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