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Sustainable Holiday Travels

Today’s blog comes from our Marketing Intern, Khadija! Lots of us will be traveling out of town, the state or perhaps, even the country this holiday season. When we travel it’s easy to rack up a lot of unnecessary waste. Read on to learn Khadija’s sustainable traveling tips!


Whenever I fly my shampoo bottle always springs a leak. To prevent this, store all your toiletries in a reusable Tupperware container instead of disposable bags! It will save you the mess and keep all your toiletries in one place without generating extra waste. Extra tip: if you’re taking your toiletries in a carry-on use a clear container so TSA can easily identify what is in your luggage. Fewer headaches for you and them.


Use E-tickets! Many airlines and the TSA allow you to have your ticket confirmation on your phone. This saves you the hassle of keeping track of an important piece of paper and reduces your paper waste. Just make sure your phone is charged!

Before you go through security, drink the last of any water left in your reusable water bottle. Filled water bottles aren’t allowed through security, however, you can pack an empty reusable water bottle. Once you’re past security, you can refill it. On the airplane, ask the flight attendant to fill it up. This reduces your use of disposable water bottles and you won’t have to worry about whether or not it will be recycled.

When you arrive:

Eat locally! Whether it’s a home cooked meal or abroad, you can get the best experience when you eat like the locals. When going abroad, each country usually has typical meals and the reason they are so popular is because the food is usually grown or raised in the country. For example, in Costa Rica eating comida tipica (beans, rice and either chicken or fish) is common with the locals and as a tourist to get the full experience you should try it as well. When you eat locally, you support local families and the nearby farmers. 

khadija travel blog (2)We were lucky enough to stumble upon a tour company that supports ecotourism and sustainability. The tour company donates to preserving the rain forest from a portion of the money they make off of us tourists. Use your purchasing power to choose an eco-conscious company to ensure that future generations can visit the place that you just did!

Last but not least, use public transportation – it’s about 100 times cheaper than taxis and keeps your carbon footprint low.

Not ready to drastically change your traveling routine? Start small. You’ll be surprised by how easy it can be to travel with less waste.

Happy holidays and safe travels!