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What does a year’s worth of education presentations look like?

Today’s post comes from our Environmental Educator, Monica Rosquillas.



It’s been a very busy year in the ILACSD education department! Our 5 educators kept very busy travelling to schools all over the county presenting to thousands of students on issues ranging from waste reduction and water conservation to motor oil pollution prevention and watershed protection. Here’s a recap of our eventful year.


  • The education department delivered 572 educational presentations to 24,803 students!
  • We presented in all corners of the county, from San Ysidro High School to Fallbrook High School and from Jacumba Middle School to beautiful Warner Springs.
  • Our students ranged from enthusiastic kindergarteners to Adult English Language Learners eager to learn about San Diego’s environmental issues.
  • We returned to friendly campuses like Garfield High, Aviara Oaks Elementary, and Hillsdale High School. We also visited new locations like Mission Vista High, Eastlake High, and Diegueño Middle School.
  • Our busiest months were April and October, tied with 90 presentations each!

IMG_6633All of us in the education department love spreading the message of a clean San Diego, but student letters like the ones below, make it all the more worth it!

Dear Monica,

Thank you so much for coming to talk to us on Monday! It really impacted me and showed me how much the little things we can do to keep our water clean can have an effect on our land. Your presentation was really eye-opening and I’ll definitely be sure to pick up littler, and try to compost more! Thanks again!

8th Grade Science Student
Diegueño Middle School

Dear Miss Monica,

From your presentation I learned a lot about what happens when it rains. I have a new puppy and from your presentation I learned how important it is to clean up after her. Your speech also inspired me to help with beach and river cleanups around San Diego.

Thank you sooo much!

8th Grade Science Student
Diegueño Middle School