Repair…Don’t Replace! Tips for Items to Repair this Fall

After months of hard work, I Love A Clean San Diego is excited to present its brand-new REPAIR database, providing referrals to all the places in town that repair…well…almost everything! Check out our new site and let us know what you think! 

While we have been operating our recycling database, since 2007, we now have an exciting new addition to that resource,, which will allow you to search for locations to repair items that you may have originally thought simply trash. Repairing items you already have rather than buying new ones will keep valuable resources out of our landfills, and maybe even help save some of your hard earned money!

Fall is already upon us (where did summer go?!), and as you prepare for our own version of winter weather here in San Diego, we encourage you to consider your options for repairing those old or damaged items you’ve got around the house before you run out and buy brand new ones. Here are some items that you may want to think about repairing instead of replacing…

As we all know too well, October is fire season in San Diego County. Ready San Diego recommends having a battery powered radio as part of your family’s emergency supply kit. Get that old battery powered radio that’s been collecting dust in your closet fixed up; you’ll be helping the environment and helping your family by being prepared for any emergencies that may come your way.

Repair your radio, don't replace it!
Repair your radio, don’t replace it!

Cooler temperatures outside mean you’ll definitely need that wetsuit when heading out into the chilly Pacific Ocean; find a shop that can repair your old wetsuit using the new  If your wetsuit is truly beyond repair, don’t trash it! You can get a little creative and turn your old one into a can koozie or even a laptop bag.

Try a DIY idea to re-purpose something that is beyond repair!

As you fashionistas out there know, it’s about time to swap out those summer sandals for some winter-ready boots! Did you pull your favorite pair out of the closet only to find them looking a little worn? No need to shell out your hard-earned cash to buy new ones; has plenty of shoe repair location listings to help you get yours looking good as new in no time.

Ever heard of shabby chic?

Less sunlight in the evenings means more time spent at home. Have a guitar your old roommate left behind? Are your notes more sour than sweet? Use to find a shop near you to repair your guitar, and impress your friends with your resourcefulness AND your musical talent!

Sing the 4 R’s on your repaired guitar!

Go ahead and check it out for yourself today: visit the new  to locate a business that can repair anything from vacuums to furniture to game consoles. And feel good about doing your part to reduce waste!