Wanna Be Like Mike? Get the Goods on Coastal Cleanup Day Site Captain, Michael Page!

Ever wondered about the secret life and thoughts of our site captains?  Well, we had the opportunity to interview one of our MVSCs (Most Valuable Site Captains), Michael Page, about why he loves Coastal Cleanup Day, why he thinks YOU should get involved, and some weird things he has found during cleanups.  (Interview has been edited).Mpage1

Why do you think Coastal Cleanup Day is important for our local environment?

Coastal Cleanup Day raises public awareness of the interconnectedness of our creeks and oceans.  People take a clean environment for granted; when you look around there are areas that aren’t clean and would benefit from community attention.

Why did you decide to become a CCD Site Captain?

I’m an environmental planner for AECOM and have a friend and co-worker who did canyon cleanups- he encouraged me to do one with ILACSD.  I volunteered to be site captain for my second time volunteering.  I like to volunteer at a different site each time

What is important or unique about your cleanup site?

This year, my cleanup site is the San Elijo Lagoon. This is a part of the coastline that is important for wildlife habitat, recreation and clean water.

What is your favorite part of Coastal Cleanup Day?

All the great people you meet! We bring a big group from our office who doesn’t usually work together. This is a great opportunity to work with people from other groups and neighborhoods and make connections with other like-minded individuals.

What is the most unique item you’ve found at a cleanup?

An unopened bottle of champagne in Sorrento Valley.  (PS- Michael mentioned that no cleanup member partook; the bottle was recycled. However, we do encourage staying hydrated (with water!) during this cleanups).

Cheers to Coastal Cleanup Day!
Cheers to Coastal Cleanup Day!

Thanks Mike! We appreciate all your hard work and are excited to see you again for this year’s Coastal Cleanup Day on September 21! 

Want to join?  Sign up to volunteer! We have 90+ sites throughout San Diego County.  Volunteers also get cool giveaways like tote bags and free Chipotle’s!