Sunset Sweep: Hollywood Canyon Cleanup

Join I Love A Clean San Diego, San Diego Canyonlands, and Think Blue San Diego for a litter cleanup in Hollywood Canyon! We will divert litter from the San Diego Bay Watershed and keep it from traveling to the Pacific Ocean.

We will be set-up with a check-in table and supplies at Hollywood Park. Join us at 3pm to learn about our watersheds and help us clean up the neighborhood!

We will sort, weigh, and dispose of collected litter, and after the cleanup you can request a community service letter in your Community Hub dashboard.

This event requires a signed release-of-liability waiver for all volunteers, and anyone under 18 needs a waiver signed by a guardian. Please download and print the waiver below, sign, and bring with you to this cleanup.

Thursday, March 9, 2023 3pm-5pm

Hollywood Park – 2302 Sumac Dr, San Diego, CA 92105

Sunset Sweep: Chollas Creek Canyon Community Cleanup

Join I Love A Clean San Diego, San Diego Canyonlands, and Think Blue San Diego for a VIRTUAL litter cleanup in the Chollas Creek Canyon neighborhood! We will collect trash from around the community and keep it from traveling through the canyons into the Pacific Ocean.

It is so important to stay safe and avoid group-gatherings right now, so we are turning the focus of these canyon cleanups away from public places and towards canyon-adjacent neighborhoods! Have you noticed any areas near your home that need a pick-me-up? Please join us in protecting the environment as well as ourselves, and “sunset sweep” in your neighborhood Thursday afternoon.

Get your family 6-ft apart together for a cleanup down the street! Invite your neighbors and practice social distancing. Bring a bucket or bag from home, grab some kitchen or gardening gloves, and don”t forget your face-covering. You can make this cleanup truly zero-waste by using your own reusable supplies!

Kick-off at 3pm with our included video introduction, then get out there to beautify your canyon neighborhood! We’ll make it a breeze to sort what you collect and dispose of it in your correct residential bins. After your cleanup report your totals in our Volunteer Impact map to track our accomplishments!

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DISCLAIMER: By participating in a cleanup, you agree I Love A Clean San Diego is NOT responsible for any injury suffered and you waive any claim arising from participation in the event. I agree to read and follow all of the safety protocols for this event.

Squirrels, Snakes, and Majestic Birds

Today’s blog comes from our Education Coordinator, Erika Bjorkquist.Erika-team

The morning started out fantastic. “What do you expect to see when we get in the canyon?”  “Squirrels.” “Snakes.” “Majestic birds.” We split into 4 groups of 7 students and a leader and headed down. Half by way of Genessee, half descending  behind the school. Four educators, 2 volunteers, 2 teachers, 52 students, one canyon.

Giving kids a chance to learn about and appreciate nature (even if it's prickly)!
Giving kids a chance to learn about and appreciate nature (even if it’s prickly)!

The first group I led down the steep slope into the canyon questioned the quick change in temperature and smell. One student connected the smell to a weekly vocabulary word, musty. Another hypothesizes that there is more shade in the canyon, resulting in colder temperatures. That and the sinking of cold air creates a drainage flow. Once in the canyon and layered up, we followed the creek and made discoveries. One student found tracks and after close examination, decided they belonged to raccoons. Others enjoyed identifying plants through comparison of their naturalist guide. Some looked in every oak tree for galls, like they were hidden treasure. They all liked touching sagebrush and fennel, even if they didn’t enjoy the smelly aftermath.


While some students liked plants the most and others enjoyed looking for animals, they all seemed to appreciate the opportunity to learn outdoors. Most of the students we brought to the Tecolote Canyon had never been there before, even though it is mere feet from their school. This is a fantastic program that opens kids eyes to the nature around them. I am so glad I was able to be a part of it.