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Properly Recycle, Dispose or Donate Bulky Items

Bulky Items

Have you ever had a stained couch that you wanted to get rid of? Or a worn-down dishwasher that doesn’t seem to work properly? 

Bulky items are large household appliances, furniture, mattresses such as, fridges and ovens that are large in size and heavy of weight. Depending on the quality and nature of the product, bulky items generally last years! However, over time, it is common for them to begin to malfunction.

In this article we’ll share the proper way to manage, recycle, or dispose of your bulky items in a way that is sustainable for the environment and convenient for your time!

Are you thinking of replacing a bulky item? Consider repairing first! A couch has some stains? It could be a fun project to upholster the cushions and spice up your living room with a new textile color! Dishwasher not working properly? Might be time to call a technician for a checkup! Landfills are beginning to overfill with items that could have lived a longer life. Consider repairing as an initial option.

If you are looking to donate, recycle, or dispose of a bulky item at home, fear no more. I Love A Clean San Diego runs the WasteFreeSD database and hotline that can help you find pick-up and drop off centers around the county of San Diego that accept a variety of bulky items and other objects.

All you have to do is:

  1. Visit
  2. Search the item, zip code, community and need you are inquiring about.
  3. Find the best drop-off or pick-up location that best fit your needs
  4. Call the center to verify information – appointments may be required by some centers and some fees may apply


WasteFreeSD will give you options to recycle, repair or donate an item. We encourage all web users to first look at the repair options, then the recycle, and finally the donation or disposal options (such as a local thrift shop). We are trying to avoid unnecessary waste from entering the landfills. If you can not fix-it, give an appliance a second home. Thanks for reading and we hope our website is of help!