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Nick Gatelein, An Inspired ILACSD Intern!

One of ILACSD’s trusty Outreach Interns, Nick Gatelein gives an insider perspective on his internship.

Working as an ILACSD Outreach Intern has been an enriching experience that has allowed me to give back to the community in a variety of ways. It has provided me the opportunity to work side by side with various community members to restore numerous locations within San Diego County by removing debris and working directly with volunteers. It has also allowed me to network with a variety of individuals that understand the importance of environmentally sustainable practices. Through this internship I have also been able to see a variety of locations in the San Diego County including Balboa Park, Ocean Beach, along with many other locations that display San Diego’s diverse beauty.

Nick, one of ILACSD's interns at our Open House

One of the major motivating factors that caused me to pursue this internship with I Love A Clean San Diego was the fact that it provided the opportunity to contribute as an individual and to make a difference in this community both environmentally and aesthetically. It has also allowed me to gain experience in organizing community events and working with teams. I have also been able to receive college credit for this internship through San Diego State University. The flexibility of being able to select which events I attend also makes it easy to create a schedule that works around my school schedule. After working for this organization for a few months it has become clear to me that our contributions are making a BIG difference and that we are providing a valuable service to the community. Working the community events has also been a lot fun because of the team members that we work with and all of the volunteers that we get to meet. As on outreach intern at the end of my second month I am glad that I chose to work for this organization and I would recommend it to others in the future!

Thanks Nick for providing your input and encouraging others to follow your lead! To find out more about internship opportunities, log on to