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ILACSD Cleans Up in 2011

After a stellar 2010 which saw our programs grow here at I Love A Clean San Diego, we set our sights on increasing effectiveness in 2011. Focusing on quality, awareness and sustainability, we have exciting results to announce from our 58th year of love for a clean San Diego!

Our Education Department continued its effective education programs, engaging a total of 30,835 youth and adults in 2011.

Our Educator, Alex, teaching kids about the importance of recycling
This is a slight increase from 2010, but in 2011 our focus was on making education more engaging and interactive. We used new assessment tools that showed that 39% of students who received our presentations were more likely to personally take action to prevent pollution based on their newly acquired environmental knowledge. 

Our Community Events Department continued to make strong impacts on San Diego County, mobilizing 29,000 volunteers to remove 241 tons of trash from the local environment.
This year, we focused on enhancing participants experience and ensuring strong volunteer retention. The addition of beautification service projects and education opportunities resulted in 100% of surveyed volunteers responding that they would attend another ILACSD volunteer event in the future.

“I loved being able to assist the environment in a hands-on way. It made me very aware of where the trash goes.” – Clean Canyons for a Clean Coast Volunteer, our one stop recycling resource, continued to provide accurate referrals to San Diego County residents on how to dispose of or recycle 19,000 items. provides residents with information on recycling and proper disposal of hazardous items, diverting countless amounts of waste from San Diego’s landfills, and preventing illegal dumping in our communities. We experienced a 14% increase in requests for information through our website, Recent partnership expansions with local jurisdictions will ensure that this integral piece of our environmental programming will continue to assist the public in making responsible disposal decisions.

In 2012 we plan to focus our efforts on expanding our influence, increasing our impact by integrating our programs and our continued leadership in protecting and enhancing San Diego County’s unique environment.

Save the date for the 10th anniversary of our Creek to Bay Cleanup, April 28, 2012! See you there!