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From Surfboards to Wine Corks, Your Summer Recycling Guide!

Today’s post comes to you from Barbara Lopez, ILACSD’s bi-lingual Program Assistant for our recycling database & hotline,!

Summer is finally here and although we are able to enjoy the sun year-round here in San Diego, summer brings more backyard BBQs, pool parties, and visits to the beach. While enjoying the summer, you might come across some items that you no longer need. Before sending it to the landfill, use our summer recycling guide to see if there are any other disposal options available.

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Have a surfboard that you no longer ride? Before you put it in your trash can, consider recycling your old surfboard to an organization like Rerip. Rerip has set up a few locations in San Diego where you can drop off surfboards in any condition to be recycled. Collected surfboards are then separated into three different piles:

  • Ones that are in decent shape are repaired for minor damages and are then given to nonprofits or people in need.
  • Ones that have seen the last of their surfing days are given to local artists and organizations that use surfboards for various art projects.
  • Surfboards that are difficult to reuse are saved for Research and Development in use as filler for concrete.

To find a location to drop off an old surfboard, visit

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As you are digging through your closet looking for your beach gear, you may find that you have old flip flops that you no longer wear. Luckily, you can send in your old flip flops for recycling through FeelGoodz’s Recycle Your UnFlop Campaign. FeelGoodz will store your unwanted flip flops until they collect enough to ship to UniquEco, a company that will distribute the flip flops to Kenyan villagers who will make new items out of the flip flops. Visit the Recycle Your UnFlop page for more details.

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Many of us already know that aluminum cans and plastic bottles are easily recyclable by simply placing them into our curbside recycling bins. But there are other items from your summer BBQ that can also be recycled.

  • Plastic cups, as well as other plastic food containers, are now accepted in curbside recycling programs in San Diego.
  • Wine bottles are also recyclable but did you know that natural cork can be recycled? Thanks to companies like Recork and Cork Reharvest, residents can easily recycle corks at participating BevMo! and Whole Foods locations.

Have other items that need recycling? Our one stop recycling resource,, can help you find a location to recycle or properly dispose of common household items. Try it today!