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Fluorescent Light Bulbs and Tubes Recycling

Fluorescent tube Recycling

Fluorescent Light Bulbs and Tubes Recycling

Fluorescent light bulbs and light tubes are considered hazardous waste items because they contain a small amount of mercury which poses a danger if released into open air. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) on average contain only about four milligrams of mercury, which might seem insignificant compared to 500 milligrams of mercury in older thermometers. However, they should still be disposed of properly in order to prevent any adverse effects on the environment and human health. Recycling of fluorescent light bulbs/tubes can also ensure that other materials of the bulb such as glass and metals are all reused.

Solana Center

The Solana Center for Environmental Innovation accepts fluorescent light bulbs, electronics and batteries for recycling at their facility at 137 N. El Camino Real in Encinitas. Drop offs are available on Thursdays from 12PM-5PM and Saturdays from 9AM-1PM.

Batteries Plus Bulbs 

Recycling your fluorescent light bulbs/tubes, batteries and electronics at Batteries Plus Bulbs is easy and convenient. Bring your items to the nearest store and they will then pass the items along to their recycling partners to repurpose salvageable materials. Be aware that fees may apply, so feel free to contact the store before you go to inquire about pricing.

EnviroGreen Electronic Recycling Services 

EnviroGreen accepts fluorescent light bulbs for recycling at a price of $1/bulb. They also accept batteries and appliances for a small fee, and electronics free of charge. EnviroGreen has a residential pickup service starting at $35 and a business pickup service starting at $65.

Universal Waste Disposal Company

Universal Waste Disposal Company offers fluorescent light bulb, batteries and electronics recycling services. Visit their website to get a free quote.

Home Depot

Certain Home Depots accept fluorescent light bulbs for recycling in store. Call your local Home Depot before you go to make sure they are currently accepting the CFLs.


Most Lowe’s stores offer a recycling center that accepts fluorescent light bulbs near the entrance. Call your local Lowe’s before you go to make sure they are currently accepting the CFLs.

Hazardous Waste Collection Facilities

If your fluorescent light bulb or light tube is broken, the only place that you would be able to take it to would be your local hazardous waste collection facility. Make sure you safely place the broken bulb/tube in a tightly sealed container. Visit to find the location of your closest hazardous waste collection facility.


Bulbcycle has a free mail-in program for businesses to recycle fluorescent light bulbs/tubes, batteries and electronics. Businesses can fill up different sized containers at their own pace and return the container to Bulbcycle within a year. This will not only help keep hazardous materials out of the landfill, but will also earn your company LEED points as well.

TechWaste Recycling

TechWaste Recycling offers nationwide business pickups for fluorescent light bulbs, fluorescent light tubes, batteries and electronics. Visit their website or call them to schedule a pickup.