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Celebrate Valentine’s Day a few days early at Cupid’s Cleanup

LexiToday’s post comes from ILACSD’s Community Events Coordinator, Lexi Ambrogi!

It’s that time of year again—time to stress out about making the perfect Valentine’s Day plans. Restaurant reservations, flower deliveries, boxes of heart-shaped chocolates…so much work! We’ll make it easy for you this year: show that you care by joining us for Cupid’s Cleanup on Saturday, February 9!

Volunteers will meet on the lawn outside of the Pacific Beach Taylor Library and clean up the streets of Pacific Beach from 10AM-12PM. If you’ve ever seen the side streets and alleyways around Pacific Beach, you’d agree that they are in need of some volunteer love.

Volunteers combing the beach at last year’s Cupid’s Cleanup

Though a lot of our cleanups are along the beach, it’s important to pay attention to the trash on our streets before it turns into the trash in our ocean. This street-sweep cleanup will be a preventative measure: we’ll be the last line of defense before this trash travels out to sea where it can harm marine life.

As you may guess from the title of the event, we like to put a “singles mingle” spin on this event, because you never know who you will meet at one of our cleanups!

Don’t believe me? Just ask Julie and Kenny Potter. A few years ago, these two volunteers—strangers then—both volunteered with us for this event. Cupid, as he has been known to do, struck them with his arrow and they fell in love! They’re now happily married.

cupids2But don’t worry, married folks—this event is for everyone! We’re excited to spend our Saturday morning cleaning up the streets of Pacific Beach with families, couples, singles, and kids alike.

As always, community service forms will be available on site to all volunteers. And don’t forget about the post-event party at Typhoon Saloon: volunteers are invited to join us for some celebratory snacks, drinks and fun from 12PM-1PM at Typhoon Saloon, just around the corner.

If you’d like to sign up for this event, contact Lexi Ambrogi at or (619)-704-2778. Hope to see you all there!