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CCD is Just Another Walk in the Park For Jason Allen

Today’s post comes from ILACSD’s Marketing Intern, Brian!

Park Ranger Jason Allen is no stranger to Coastal Cleanup Day. Though he bounces to a different site every year, Jason is in his seventh year as a CCD Site Captain. This year he is leading the charge at our Golden Hill – Juniper Canyon site.

Sure the scope of Coastal Cleanup Day is expansive, but you could almost say CCD is just another day in the life of Jason. As a Park Ranger for the Open Spaces Division of the City of San Diego’s Parks and Recreation Department, Jason and his coworkers manage 3,200 acres of open space canyons and parkland throughout the city limits.

In the realm of open spaces, CCD offers Jason an opportunity. As with other years, he’s able to choose cleanup sites that don’t normally have regular volunteer cleanups and are in need of some special attention. In fact, Jason makes sure to choose a different site each year in order to maximize his efforts.

Q:  What motivated you to volunteer with I Love A Clean San Diego?

A:  I have a passion for protecting, preserving and enhancing the natural open space canyons and parklands the city has to offer. Part of protecting, preserving and enhancing these sensitive unique open space areas are by keeping them clean of trash and debris. It only seemed natural to work with ILACSD to achieve this goal.

Q:  Why do you think events like Coastal Cleanup Day are important?

A:  Coastal Cleanup Day is important because it helps to educate people through volunteering. People learn firsthand that it’s not okay to just throw their trash on the street or into a storm drain. That trash can be deadly to wildlife, it pollutes the groundwater, and it’s just an ugly sight. If left untouched, the trash eventually finds its way through storm drains and into our sensitive open spaces and ocean. If we stop the trash at the inland sources, it will help keep San Diego and the ocean healthy and clean.

Q:  What is the strangest piece of trash you’ve found?

A:  A roller skating trophy. It was the old style skate with four wheels and all. I think it was from the 1970s. It must have been a cherished achievement to someone at some point.

There is still time to sign up and volunteer at Coastal Cleanup Day, but not much! The event is this Saturday, September 15th from 9am to noon. Go to and find a Coastal Cleanup Site near you!

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  1. We are proud of our son, Jason Allen, who was an Eagle Scout, and always enjoyed the outdoors now spends his time caring about his community of San Diego.

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