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Saving Energy During the Holidays

holiday party

The holiday season is in full swing, which often means family and friends coming together to celebrate. Hosting a holiday party can seem counter to conservation efforts at times but your efforts should be not be neglected! This is the perfect time to continue saving energy while striking conversations about why you partake in these conservation-minded behaviors. In lieu of Energy Action Month, which takes place every October, we thought we would remind our readers about the simple ways to save energy when guests are over for the holidays.

Before Guests Arrive

  • Order a no cost water and energy saving kit from SDG&E. The items in the kit are easy to install and slick looking too!
  • Set your refrigerator temperature between 35° – 38° F. The cooler the temperature, the more energy is being used.
  • Thaw food items in the refrigerator overnight instead of running water over them. Saving water saves energy! Collecting, treating, and distributing water can be costly and energy intensive.
  • Use a power strip to easily turn off power to several devices. Chances are you will be too busy mingling to be using your game console, television or computer.
  • Invest in appliances that save money and energy. SDG&E’s Marketplace makes shopping convenient and informative. Compare prices on typical models, calculate how much energy would be saved over periods of time and explore energy scores for each product.


ABOVE: SDG&E provides no-cost energy and water saving kits
SDG&E provides no-cost energy and water saving kits


During Your Holiday Celebrations

  • Kindly remind guests to turn off lights when leaving a room. Making this simple practice a habit will create energy savings all year long.
  • Phantom energy draws electricity from outlets when devices are plugged in but not in use. Remember to unplug fully charged devices and unplug chargers that are not in use to avoid phantom loads.
  • For overnight guests, encourage shorter showers to conserve water and energy. Have a discussion about the importance of water and energy savings on the individual level and praise your guests for incorporating this simple action into their routine. The best way to instill good practices is to remind others about how easy it is to conserve.


light switch
Turn off the juice when not in use!


After Guests Leave

  • Remember to fully load the dishwasher. One full load will save between 25% – 50% more energy than two small loads. Not to mention the water savings as well!
  • The same applies for your washing machine. Use full loads AND set the water temperature to cold. Using cold water costs about 4 cents, compared to hot/warm water which can cost up to 68 cents per load.