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ILACSD’s educational programs build on decades of experience to awaken passion within San Diegans countywide. Inspiring change through individual action, we invite all facets of our community to join the effort in sustaining, protecting, and appreciating the natural world around us.

Kids’ Ocean Day San Diego

Kids’ Ocean Day San Diego inspires students to be a voice for change as part of an international movement. Since 1998, I Love A Clean San Diego has partnered with the California Coastal Commission to unite students from underserved communities in environmental education and a beach cleanup, which culminates in the creation of an international art project. This annual event magnifies the importance of the ocean and underscores the connection between students’ inland actions and the health of our ocean. To view images from over the years, click here.

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Classroom Presentations

ILACSD provides innovative educational programs that empower students to take local, individual actions that impact global ecosystems. Our hands-on and engaging classroom presentations provide NGSS-aligned curriculum that cover topics including regional watersheds, stormwater pollution, ocean conservation, marine debris, waste reduction, and resource conservation. Our programs reach K-12 students throughout San Diego County in classroom and assembly-style presentations. During the 2020-2021 school year, we are also offering virtual presentations!

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Community Workshops

ILACSD provides free, family-friendly community workshops focused on zero waste principles and practices that promote sustainability in all facets of life at home and at work. Attendees enjoy hands-on activities, informational lessons, and raffles, all in an effort to build San Diego’s collective zero waste toolkit.

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After School Programs

Our after-school programs engage students in comprehensive learning about the environment and sustainability. Through games, art projects, cleanups, nature exploration, and other experiential learning, students are given the opportunity to take action and become environmental stewards in their community.

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