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Our Favorite Indoor Plants

indoor plants

Did you know there are many benefits to having indoor plants? Aside from adding a touch of color to your home, research has shown that having plants at home can help purify oxygen and may enhance your mood

Here are are some of our favorite indoor plants that are easy to begin your plant journey:

Bunny Ear Cactus – As cute as its name! This cactus originally from Northern Mexico likes to be in direct sunlight and will add some life in your workspace. Water your plant when the top inch of the potting soil is dry.

Golden Pothos

 Long lasting plant and a favorite for many to begin their plant journey.  Easy to take care of and adapts to most lighting situations except direct sunlight. Place it on a hanging pot and watch its vines cascade over time. Water once every 1-2 weeks.

Aloe Vera

These sun-loving succulents clear the air and offer a gel inside their leaves that help cure burns and cuts if properly applied.

 Bamboo Palm

Hardy and effective air purifiers that love to be in the sun or under bright light. Grows vertically and does not occupy much floor space.

Spider Plant

Resilient plant that sprouts tiny white flowers and doesn’t require much watering. Will make your home feel like a jungle!


Different plants will require different care. Begin your plant journey with one of the species listed above and watch the benefits unfold in front of your eyes. 

Already in the gardening groove? Remember to throw away your plant trims in the appropriate green waste bin. Visit and search for “Green Waste/Yard Trimmings” to find a compost facility near you!