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Little Pieces Add Up at Cupid’s Cleanup

This past Valentine’s Day weekend, 214 volunteers participated in our Cupid’s Cleanup, our biggest turnout for this event ever! At first glance many of the volunteers probably thought this was going to be an easy cleanup, but they soon found that the seemingly spotless beach, park, and neighborhood areas surrounding Del Mar Powerhouse Park weren’t as clean as they appeared.

ILACSD Interns are setup and ready to clean.
Volunteers start combing the beach.

Upon closer inspection, our trash scavengers saw that the beach and park were littered with small pieces of styrofoam and plastic. They took the time and care to pick up these little pieces and as a result, 175 pounds of trash and 61 pounds of recycling were collected that morning!

Those aren't bits of seashell, they're bits of Styrofoam!

Check out our Facebook page for more photos from another successful Cupid’s Cleanup!

Volunteers really enjoyed the event, and we hope they’ll all be back on Saturday, April 28th, 2012 for our Creek to Bay Cleanup.  Creek to Bay is our signature event that spans 75+ inland and coastal sites throughout the county.  Last year, more than 5,300 dedicated volunteers participated in the event, breaking volunteer records and cleaning up more miles of beaches, canyons and parks than ever before.  See you there!