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A Day with San Diego’s Junior Lifeguards

jr lifeguards2
Here I am demonstrating how storms push litter into into the oceans

Today’s blog post comes from our Environmental Educator, Monica Rosquillas, who is well-equipped to handle groups of enthusiastic kids armed with squirt bottles.

This past Tuesday we spent a fun-filled day at beautiful Mission Bay with the San Diego Jr. Lifeguards. The occasion marked this year’s second Environmental Day Fair hosted by Think Blue for this group of ocean-loving kids. ILACSD held two of the eight booths at the event; the Recycle Relay and the Watershed Model. Recycle Relay is always a hit. First off, ILACSD environmental educators go over the different types of waste and their proper disposal. Most kids were surprised to hear that disposable paper cups aren’t recyclable!  After the short recycling lesson, the Jr. Lifeguards use their waste disposal knowledge to compete in a fast and wet relay race (both the Jr. Lifeguards and ILACSD love this event). Our second booth, the watershed model, is an interactive presentation that demonstrates how non-point sources of pollution like litter and dog poop make their way from our streets to the storm drain system and natural waterways and end up polluting our bays and beaches. This presentation is really fun and eye opening; kids see first-hand how pollution travels, and they understand why we have to wait at least three days after a storm to go back in the water. It was a long day in the sun, but we had a blast and can’t wait until next year!

jr lifeguards
Who knows the answer? “Meeeeeeee!”