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Don’t Just Wear Green, Be Green This St. Patrick’s Day!

On the seventeenth of March, people from all around the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a variety of ways. Although it first began as a religious holiday to honor Saint Patrick and the coming of Christianity in Ireland, it has evolved into a global secular celebration of Irish culture.

The hallmark of this celebration is to wear green, and if you don’t, you’ll inevitably be pinched. At I Love A Clean San Diego, we don’t just wear green once a year – we practice green everyday of every year and encourage others to do the same.

This St. Patrick’s Day, wear green, but be green too! Here are some easy tips to really show off your green pride.

If you’re wearing a costume:

  • Don’t forget to recycle those plastic hats. Many of them are made from hard plastics – all of which can be recycled!
  • Always strive for organic materials, like cotton
  • Reuse your costume for next year, or donate it to a local thrift store

If you’re hosting a party:

  • Instead of purchasing plastic decorations, use real greenery!
  • For your table centerpieces, use potted plants, like the shamrock and add jasmine for a white contrast and sweet scent
  • Use reusable silverware, plates and napkins
  • To make paper decorations, use magazine and junk mail to cut into shamrock shapes and paint yourself (DIY is fun anyway!)
  • Provide eco-friendly foods, such as organic veggies and fruits, and try to purchase locally

If you’re drinking:

  • Opt for local beers – it cuts down on the environmental impact of shipping
  • Avoid hazardous chemically-dyed green beverages
  • Select a responsible driver and carpool. Better yet, use public transportation if you’re heading downtown!

As you’re celebrating this year, remember that you don’t only have to wear green: you can be green too.