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Counting Down the Top 7 Reasons To Volunteer at Creek to Bay

C2B13 logo w dateWith our annual Creek to Bay Cleanup coming up tomorrow, it’s no guess as to why our staff and volunteers are bursting with excitement. We’ve been rallying together these past few weeks and it’s all about to pay off tomorrow. With all the anticipation and stress that inevitably brews in the days leading up to such a huge event, I found myself asking, exactly why do the fine people of San Diego decide to take time out of their busy schedule to come help us out? I was surprised to find just how many different reasons our community has for giving back, through on site testimonials and surveys, we’ve narrowed down the most popular reasons for volunteering for Creek to Bay.

Top 7 Reasons San Diegans Participate in Creek to Bay

#7  Opportunity to get to know your neighbors.

San Diego is a big city (second largest in California), this is a great chance to get familiar with your neighbors that share the same interests.

#6 Community service credit for students (high schoolers/college students).

Whether it’s getting into college or grad school, volunteer hours are the perfect thing to put on an application.

#5 Getting exercise in the great outdoors.

Sometimes it’s hard to fit in physical exercise during the busy work/school week, what better way to burn some calories than doing so while also making the community a cleaner and healthier place?

#4 Team building opportunity for sports teams or employees.

Picking up trash in the hot sun while doing your best to avoid poison oak can seem daunting, but with a little help from your friends (or teammates or co-workers), it can turn into a beautiful bonding experience.

#3  Scout patches for boy & girl scouts

Teaching youths the importance of a healthy environment is an invaluable lesson. Creek to Bay offers an outlet for young scouts to get their hands dirty and earn some cool and meaningful merit badges.

#2 Discovering new outdoor areas (parks, canyons, creeks, etc)

There are hundreds of awesome outdoor spaces in the county of San Diego, chances are you haven’t discovered them all just yet. Sign up for a site you’ve never heard of before, and who knows, you could find your new favorite hangout spot!

#1. Preventing pollution from washing downstream

The reason we all spend so much time and effort putting these clean ups together is to get the trash off the streets to prevent harm it does to the environment. One path the trash can take it flowing directing in to storm drains and straight into the ocean. Once plastic and other debris makes its way in to the water, it’s nearly impossible to remove.

What’s YOUR reason for volunteering this Saturday? We want to hear it, if you don’t see your reason listed above, get in touch with us because we love hearing what motivates you. See everyone tomorrow, bright and early!