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You can set an example for our community today!

Bill Haines
Vice President, ILACSD Board of Directors

I am a lifelong surfer and grew up a stone’s throw from the beautiful beaches of Laguna. I have always hated trash on the beach and its consequent migration into our ocean. Every year there seemed to be more debris on the beach.

Around 1995 I heard about an organization that did something about the plastic, trash and debris that litter our shorelines. At I Love A Clean San Diego, I became a volunteer lead on a “fill in” basis, asking to be sent to wherever there was a need. From Oceanside to Otay Mesa, I saw enthusiastic volunteers, families with kids, concerned local people and grey haired seniors come out in force and clean up their surroundings. Today, at our cleanups we mobilize some 30,000 of these volunteers each year.

When a friend suggested that I join the Board of Directors, it seemed like a way to amplify my desires to make a better community. We all would like to do something that makes a difference, some act whereby we make this a better world. By volunteering for I Love A Clean San Diego, I am satisfying this urge.

As a volunteer I see young families show their kids how to do the right thing, seniors gratified by making their own neighborhood a better place, and calls to our recycling and hazardous waste hotline that prevent hazardous waste from going down a storm drain.

When I donate to I Love A Clean San Diego, I know those dollars will be squeezed thriftily and used to educate many – truly a good feeling! Today I am asking you to make an investment in your local community by donating to I Love A Clean San Diego too.


With your support we will continue to spread the word, take hundreds of tons of debris out of our waterways and set an example for our community. Our growing involvement with all citizens of San Diego is helping to create a new generation of environmentally aware citizens.


Bill Haines
Vice President, ILACSD Board of Directors

P.S. Your tax-deductible donation to I Love A Clean San Diego protects your community now and for future generations – please donate today!