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How can you help protect our environment? Join the Think Blue Brigade!

Erika-teamToday’s post comes from ILACSD’s Education Coordinator, Erika Bjorkquist!

Debris in a local marina after last week’s rain

Last week, it rained in San Diego for the first time in about 3 weeks. While it was hard to miss the extra 45 minutes added to my daily commute and the endless detours around Point Loma to escape the flooding of Midway, one thing that may have slipped passed people’s attention was the pollution entering our storm drains. As water made its way off our streets, rings of debris were left, marking the extent of the flooding. What is incredible is that we do not see the amount of pollution that has already gone into the storm drains and made its way to the ocean. We only see the pieces that are left behind for the next rain.

TBBsd river trash
Trash that washed into the San Diego River

While this seems a little dreary, here is something to brighten your day: You can help! If you are a student in middle school or high school in the City of San Diego, you can make a difference in keeping our water clean! Join the Think Blue Brigade and stop pollution from entering our oceans and waterways.

Do you like to swim or surf in the ocean? Do you enjoy laying out in the beautiful sunshine? Do you take advantage of places like Dog Beach to walk your dog? Do you take pride in our environment? Do you need to fulfill community service hours? If you answered YES to any of these, sign up for the Think Blue Brigade (TBB)!

TBB is a way to get students involved in helping the environment by keeping San Diego’s beaches and waterways clean. What you do with the TBB doesn’t only help the environment, it helps you too!

What you gain:

Community service hours
A name-recognized club to include on your resume
Free educational presentations
TBB swag – like reusable water bottles, wristbands, and t-shirts
Movie tickets
Recognition on our social media sites!

What you need to do:

1. Participate in 3 environmental events. This can include:

– Cleanup events: ILACSD and Think Blue will provide snacks and cleanup supplies at your event
– Storm Drain Stenciling: ILACSD and Think Blue will provide snacks and cleanup supplies at your event
– Staffing a table at a local environmental event

2. Document what you did

– Create some type of documentation: This is the fun part! If you like photography, make a slideshow; if you like video, create a documentary of the cleanup and how you helped; if you like to write, write a reflection of the event and what it means to the environment. The possibilities are endless!
– Use what inspires you to help inspire others because you make a difference!

You can participate as an individual or in a group. Before you decide to go out, give me a call at 619-704-2777 or email me a and we can work out the logistics. If you have ANY QUESTIONS please do not hesitate to call or email me!

We want to keep our beaches and waterways clean and beautiful for people, plants, and animals to enjoy, so join the Think Blue Brigade and make a difference today!